Netflix Added A Bunch Of Fake ‘Arrested Development’ Shows And Movies To Instant

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12.19.12 23 Comments

Arrested Development is behind only The Simpsons and Seinfeld when it comes to creating fake TV shows and movies (I’m sorry, but Do Shut Up/Knightboat and Prognosis Negative/Chunnel > Boyfights), so this should make anyone who’s ever wanted Caged Wisdom to actually exist very happy. According to Splitsider:

Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” just added a bunch of fake movies and TV shows from the first three seasons of Arrested Development to the streaming service. Titles like Girls with Low Self Esteem: Newport Beach, Les Cousins Dangereux, Scandalmakers, and Boyfights appear as “Watch Instantly” options. (Via)

Unfortunately, if you click on the titles, they just lead to Netflix’s normal Arrested Development page — although earlier today, according to Vulture, you could watch a “very, very, very bizarre eleven-minute video, in which an actor moonwalks, juggles, and performs a monologue from Julias Caesar by a fountain…that’s just Netflix’s test footage”; sounds like Tony Wonder’s up to something — but it’s a nice reminder that new AD episodes will soon break the Internet in 2013. ISN’T THIS DUMB YEAR OVER WITH YET. Besides, Netflix forgot some classics.

He just wants his kids back, guys.

(Via Splitsider) (Via Vulture)

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