Now *This* Is More Like It

05.14.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

As reported earlier, the success of Betty White’s hosting gig on “Saturday Night Live” made Facebook users go all crazy about creating groups for other events that she should host, like the Academy Awards (which, the Academy and reality confirmed, won’t be happening). So it’s good to see people with humor start up some creative backlash with the Get Betty White to Host an Alien Parasite group.

Betty White is a woman that has proved capable of handling anything. From her Emmy winning television performances to her knee slapping appearance on Saturday Night Live, she morphs into each role with perfection and ease.

Now we are asking her to play mother to one last character, a xenomorph that will carry on her genetic line to become an ultimate killing machine. Join this group to support the addition of Betty White to the cast of the untitled Alien prequel!

Man, I hope this signals the end of the Betty White craze on the Internet. She’s a nice old lady and all, but let’s face it: the Internet is fickle and finds new phenomena to obsess over every day. Also, let’s not forget the famous words of Aristotle as we evaluate our continued interest: “Tits or GTFO.”

[via EPICponyz]

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