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Andy Samberg has established himself as probably the most important cast member of “Saturday Night Live” in the Web 2.0 era thanks to the digital shorts he makes with Lonely Island. However, the widespread success of Samberg’s music videos (“Dick in a Box,” “Lazy Sunday,” Natalie Portman’s rap, “I’m on a Boat”) predicated on the same humor (white people adopting postures from hip-hop culture) has made it ripe for parody. In this video, Landline TV calls out Samberg for being lazy, and while I don’t necessarily agree 100% with that viewpoint, there’s no denying the humor in the slice of truth they present.

Basically, I’m congratulating all parties on a job well done. I’m trying to be even-handed for once. I was torn between writing this balanced opinion and LANDLINE PWNS ANDY BITCHASS SAMBERG IS TEH SUX.

[The Comic’s Comic]

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