Here’s Video Of Olivia Munn Dislocating Her Shoulder On An Indoor Swing

08.19.13 3 years ago • 20 Comments

You’d think hanging around with Aaron Sorkin for two years would have convinced Olivia Munn to never be near anyone who uses the Internet, but Sloan, she’s still got a lot to *throws phone at the wall* For reasons known only to her, and desired to be made public by millions of fanboys, Munn was on a swing inside someone’s house when she swung too high and dislocated her shoulder. She put the footage online, tweeting, “Goin really high then it broke mid-swing.BADNews-Dislocated my shoulder.GoodNews-I laughed AND we got it on VIDEO.”

“America,” says Will McAvoy, “This. Is. You.” *flips everyone off*

(Via) (via Getty Image)

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