The Latest 'Orphan Black' Trailer Is Taking The Mystery To Terrifying New Heights

Orphan Black was one of the more pleasant surprises out of last year’s television landscape, giving us Tatiana Maslany, an almost limiteless mystery, and a reason to enjoy clones once again (suck it, George Lucas). It was one of the shows that I probably binged watched without knowing and I don’t regret it.

Like most trailers though, nothing too in depth is revealed here. We get to spend a time with the more villainous side of Orphan while getting a reminder that time is short before the season begins. But this is more Orphan Black (alongside these sneak peeks over at BBC America) and that’s not a bad thing.

Oh, we do get a look at Michiel Huisman in his role as “a rugged outdoorsman.” He also landed a role on Game of Thrones this season, so I’d say things are looking up for him. Sadly, I won’t be able to see anyone but Sonny from Treme and I’ll immediately want someone to shoot him in the head or cut him in half with a flaming sword. Whatever comes first, I’m not picky. Just get it done.

(Via BBC America)

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