Watch Your Favorite TV And Movie Characters Hilariously React To The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Purple Wedding

By | 16 Comments

See how some of your favorite movie and TV characters reacted to Game of Thrones' infamous Purple Wedding. Spoiler alert: Hilariously.


Imagine ‘Mad Men’ As A Bad Ass Blaxpoitation Film And The Result Would Be ‘Don-O-Mite’

By | 3 Comments

If 'Mad Men' was really a 70s blaxploitation film, it'd be a whole lot funkier. Also everyone would be African American.

Archer Vice

Here Are All The Tiger GIFs From This Week’s ‘Archer’

By | 8 Comments

This weeks' 'Archer' takes a literal detour to the zoo.


Witness The Amazing ‘American Hustle’ Transformation Of Conan’s Hair Before The MTV Movie Awards

By | 2 Comments

Who knew that so much work went into making Conan's hair look as good as it does?


Oprah Made Pharrell Cry, Because That’s What Oprah Does

By | 6 Comments

One does not go on Oprah's show and leave with dry eyes. Just ask Pharrell Williams.


What’s On Tonight: 2 Broke Girls And 1 Lindsay Lohan

By | 28 Comments

The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including Lindsay Lohan on "2 Broke Girls."


Your Pet Is Eating All Your Weed And The Local News Is ON IT

By | 4 Comments

An Arizona CBS affiliate did a hard-hitting report on dogs eating weed.


If Men Got Pregnant, You Could Get An Abortion At The ATM: The 9 Best Lines From ‘Veep’

By | 9 Comments

A rundown of the best lines in 'The Choice,' this week's episode of HBO's 'Veep.'


A Eulogy For [Insert Major 'Game Of Thrones' Spoiler Here]

By | 13 Comments

A brief, moving eulogy for the soul we lost at the "Game of Thrones" Purple Wedding.

red wedding

George R.R. Martin Explains Why The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Purple Wedding Happened The Way It Did

By | 54 Comments

George R.R. Martin spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the death of you know who and his apparent distaste for weddings of any sort.

The Guy Who Lost $1 Million On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Is Totally Chill

By | 12 Comments

Julian is really chill about the fact that he lost $1 million on "Wheel of Fortune."


Andrew Garfield Is Going To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ On May 3rd

By | 2 Comments

Andrew Garfield will be your host of 'SNL' on May 3rd. Expect 'Spider-Man' jokes.


Jimmy Fallon Was Somehow Involved In A NYC Bar Fight Last Week, Then Bought Everyone Shots


Jimmy Fallon was involved in a NYC bar brawl last week, but then turned it around and bought everyone shots the following night.


‘Mad Men’ Discussion: ‘Pay Attention. This Is The Beginning of Something.’

By | 95 Comments

A rundown of the seventh season premiere of 'Mad Men,' plus discussion theories.

amy's baking company

Let’s Check In With Amy And Samy, The Insane Couple From Amy’s Baking Company

By | 8 Comments

The sixth season premiere of 'Kitchen Nightmares' caught back up with Amy and Samy Bouzaglo in a frothing ten minute interview that's not short on the crazy.

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