These Pantless Photos Of Cobie Smulders Are As Great As The Name Cobie Smulders

cobie how i met


Of How I Met Your Mother‘s nine million recurring jokes, one of my favorites is the sexual tension Lily feels whenever she’s around Robin. This particular part of her personality has been around since season one, but she’s never been able to act on it, except for in her (and Barney’s) dreams. And on Inside the Actors Studio. In an upcoming episode of the Bravo series, Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan “make out,” and James Lipton asked if they wanted to meet his Mosby, probably. So that’s something to look forward to, as is Smulders’ upcoming spread in Esquire. Here’s an excerpt, which I’m sure is the part you’re interested in.

Thanks to Google, I found a list called “Fifty Facts About Robin.” I choose a handful and ask how the real Cobie compares.

Fact number 2: Robin has an affinity for Scotch and cigars.

“I like Scotch,” says Cobie. “And I like the smell of cigars.” (Via)

Taran Killam is a lucky man.





Photos by Kayt Jones for Esquire

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