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10.16.09 8 Comments

Left to Right: Old Doctor, Sassy Doctor, Smug Doctor, Indian Doctor

Fox hasn’t canceled midseason crime drama “Past Life” (yet), but they did reduce the number of episodes to seven, including the pilot.  Here’s the official statement from Fox:

Due to the return of AMERICAN IDOL, 24 and our other midseason programming in January, as well as the back order of GLEE, we have a wealth of material for midseason and can only accommodate seven episodes of PAST LIFE on our schedule.

I haven’t seen a cut happen that fast since the time I job-shadowed a mohel.  Wackity schmackity doo!

I was going to embed the trailer for the show, but it’s boring and seems to give away entire story arc, including the ending, so here’s a video of a frog riding a motorcycle instead:

[Thanks to HolyTaco for the video.]

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