Patton Oswalt Is Guest Starring On ‘Parks & Rec’ Now, Too

02.21.13 5 years ago 11 Comments

In his continued, noble efforts to make an appearance on every show I love (Community, Justified, and a bunch of others), comedian Patton Oswalt will be popping up on Parks & Recreation later this season. Will he be playing a concerned/outraged citizen of Pawnee? Well, yeah. Is there any other kind?

The comedian, who portrayed Spence Olchin in “The King of Queens” for nine seasons, will play a concerned citizen outraged by Leslie Knope’s efforts to change the horribly outdated charter. He thinks life was better when the show’s fictional town was founded in 1817, and regards the original authors of the town charter as geniuses whose writings should never be altered. [Yahoo!]

Showrunner Mike Schur said Oswalt will only appear in one episode (which has already started shooting), which is kind of a bummer, I guess, because I feel like he’s going to fit in really well in Pawnee. I hope he brings the Go-Bag from Justified, but instead of filling it with guns and knives and whatnot, he loads it up with waffles and Lil Sebastian memorabilia. That’s a good way to make friends.

One note in closing: Between this guest spot by Oswalt and Louis C.K.’s arc as Leslie’s police officer boyfriend, Parks & Rec is apparently becoming the go-to destination for all my favorite stand-up comedians. This is definitely not a complaint. I hope they bring in Chappelle next.

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