Paul Rudd Answers Jon Stewart's Questions As Sandra Day O'Connor While Rocking A Brian Fantana Mustache

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UPROXX best friend Paul Rudd dropped by The Daily Show last night in full Anchorman shooting mode to ostensibly chat about his new compromise date movie with Tina Fey, but Jon Stewart quickly brushed that waste of time aside by steering things full improv and having Paul answer questions as tonight’s guest, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Just your standard late night chat.

Not to spoil anything, but you’ll learn about Sandy’s preference for action flicks, just how important the Supreme Court is, and that you never ever want to slide down the pole after Scalia. It will all make sense, I swear. Fun starts at the 2:00 mark.

The best guests are most definitely the ones who will delightfully improv their entire appearance away and work in a callback from an earlier segment while sporting an iconic mustache. Paul Rudd, ladies and gentleman.

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