Philip Seymour Hoffman Was Going To Be On ‘Louie’

06.08.14 3 years ago 10 Comments

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Philip Seymour Hoffman was great even in bad movies, like his wonderfully weird role in Along Came Polly, so I can only imagine how amazing he would have been on Louie, which was going to happen until, y’know. The episode he was supposed to be in airs tomorrow, but a famous guest star still pops up: Louis C.K.’s American Hustle co-star Jeremy Renner. Here he is speaking to Yahoo! about it.

Do you play yourself on Louie?

No, no. I play a real character in Louie’s life. Phil [Seymour] Hoffman was supposed to be in it, too. It’s about young Louie, so he isn’t even acting in it — he’s just directing it. Yeah, then Phil unfortunately passed, but I guess they were able to pull the episode together. (Via)

I can imagine Louis watching the scene in Boogie Nights where Hoffman says, “I’m a fuggin’ idiot. I’m a fuggin’ idiot. Fuggin’ idiot…” and thinking to himself, “That man gets me.”

Via Yahoo

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