Play a ‘Game of Thrones’ Drinking Game

04.19.12 6 years ago 6 Comments

Our recaps are certainly going to be a lot more fun now. A “Milan-based nerd” named Anna Lucylee has put together a drinking game for season two of “Game of Thrones.” Here’s a hilariously translated Italian-to-English description of “Game of Drinks” from her website:

And most of all, unlike the various beer pong of American origin (which usually require a minimum of motor skills) or games that were the most popular nursery rhymes in Bergamo (I do not understand why since they require a level of mindfulness than those usually we played!) the drinking games are played by nerds comfortably on the couch with a magnificence of printed instructions

Nerds do love their printed instructions. But take a sip every time “Joffrey acts like a douchebag” or “Tyrion makes a quip”? You’ll be blotto before the Previously On segment finishes. I’ve blacked out certain shot-worthy, vaguely-spoilery actions above, but you can see the entire game after the jump. Now be off and HODOR!, which I assume translates to, “Get piss drunk on beer and vodka to “Game of Thrones.”

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