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Popeye’s Chicken advertised a special that promised 8-piece meals for $4.99.  Due to the popularity of the deal, one outpost in Rochester ran out of chicken.  The local news covered it, and nowhere along the way did a producer say, “Uh, maybe we shouldn’t run a story about fried chicken in which every single person interviewed is black.”  Nevertheless, without touching on the race issue, there are some gems here (“How we supposed to feed our kids now?” “We were looking forward to this day”).

To discuss the issue of race and fried chicken, I’d like to refer you to Martellus Bennett, the Dallas Cowboys tight end who wrote a blog post titled Why do black people love chicken? He polled several black friends who provided different answers (“the media makes people believe chicken is all black people eat.”  In this case, true), but here’s Marty B’s ultimate analysis:

my answer: everybody loves chicken despite race sex gender chicken is scrumptious and everyone enjoys it. If you haven’t had chicken go get some.

I have rarely seen wiser words.  And now I want a four-piece meal with mashed potatoes and mac & cheese.  You can have fried chicken for breakfast, right?  No?  Well, you’re probably the same people who say I shouldn’t drink at lunch.


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