Prince Achieved '#rockgodstatus' On Fallon Last Night

03.02.13 5 years ago 29 Comments

This is an important day in TV and music history: Prince allowed a performance of his to be posted online. WHAT. Next thing you know, he’s gonna retire the purple, buy a nice country home in the ‘burbs, and give out toothbrushes and apples to the good little boys and girls in the neighborhood. Haha, no. Actually, although the clips are available via streaming on NBC’s website, a Prince rarity, the first of the two songs he performed last night on Jimmy Fallon, “Screwdriver,” begins, “I’m your driver and you’re my screw.” Yup, that’s our Prince.

He performed with his backing group 3rd Eye Girl (“Jumper? More like Jump Her!” is one of Prince’s favorite jokes), announced he was going on tour in April, and after playing an everyone-got-pregnant solo, threw the guitar he borrowed from “Captain” Kirk Douglas in the air, and walked offstage. To quote Black Thought, “#rockgodstatus.”

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