Prince William Will Be Featured In A BBC Reality Show Titled ‘Helicopter Rescue’

03.28.13 7 Comments

The Sun broke the news earlier today that Prince William will be featured in a new BBC documentary/reality program called Helicopter Rescue, which will focus on his role as an RAF rescue pilot. A little background:

The Prince’s squadron often work in tough conditions, searching the mountains of Snowdonia for fallen, injured or missing walkers.

And when stricken casualties are rescued in the vast rolling countryside – they are reassured to know the Prince is on board.

Okay, three things:

1) “Snowdonia” isn’t a real place. I’m sure of it. I mean, look at that whole first sentence. “And thus the Prince bravely searched the treacherous, icy mountains of Snowdonia, looking for any of his subjects who may have lost their way whilst on the hunt.” What, did he also slay a dragon on the way? Was he searching for a magic amulet? Come on, England. If you’re gonna make up fake background info to make your Prince seem cool, at least put a little effort into it.

2) Can you even imagine how weird it must have been to get saved by Prince William? Like, you’d be up in the helicopter after they saved you, and you’d be all, “Hey, I guess I just got lost. I had a map, but … [looks at Prince William] … but I, uh … [looks at other dudes in helicopter to see if they confirm what you think you see] … I just … Okay, what’s going on here. Am I on Punk’d?”

3) Prince William — heir to the British throne, son of a beloved Princess, a millionaire many times over — also rescued people in helicopters? Showoff.

(Via Vulture)

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