‘Punk’d’ Is Coming Back. Again.

12.19.11 14 Comments

In news that feels like it should be bookended by the word “Bro,” MTV is bringing back the Ashton Kutcher produced celebrity prank show, “Punk’d.” “THIS IS GREAT NEWS!” said the marketing director for Von Dutch and literally no one else I can think of.

After months of rumors, MTV is officially reviving the hidden-camera prank classic, ordering a new version of Punk’d to series. Jason Goldberg and Ashton Kutcher are back on board as executive producers. But the show’s host is…

… a different question. MTV plans to announce the show’s host/hosts during its New Years Eve party live telecast next week. Access Hollywood reported months ago that a new show was in the works, using different celebrity hosts for each episode — and noting in the premiere that Justin Bieber is the man in the van. [EW]

Between this news and NBC bringing back “Fear Factor,” it’s beginning to look like 2012 is going to be the second coming of the douche. Seriously, I thought we killed all this crap years ago. Now it looks like we’re only a month or two from someone greenlighting a show called “Bro, U Got Punched Bro” hosted by Fred Durst that airs four hours a week in primetime. This simply will not do.

As I think more about this, though, I realize this news may not be all bad. Don’t get me wrong, there is still is 0% chance I watch an updated version of “Punk’d.” BUT, if it is going to be hosted by Justin Bieber, even in a one-shot guest role, that means there’s at least a chance he tries to Punk Ron Artest and I log into Tumblr one morning to find a GIF of Artest bopping him so hard on the head that he ends up buried in the ground up to his neck like in a cartoon. That would make all this worth it.

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