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I’m gonna try to stop by with some more posts over the weekend, but until that excitement happens here’s what else is happening in the world of TV.

The David Caruso acting flow chart. [Cracked]

Ed McMahon is about to die. “YES!! HA HA HA!”  What?  Is now not the time to quote him? [TMZ]

So, this is pretty cool for all of us “Simpsons” nerds: an interactive map of Springfield.  My first impulse was to find the Maison Derriere.  I think I may have a problem.  [via TiFaux]

“Top Chef” hostess Padma Lakshmi in Ocean Drive Magazine.  I wonder if Salman Rushdie pictured himself naked in order to delay his orgasm when they had sex.  [Camel Tap]

The “Lost” mixtape. Ooh, I hope they found an .mp3 of the Smoke Monster roaring! [Ugo]

OH DEAR GOD CAT RANCH!!!!  A 30-acre, $100,000 sanctuary for stray cats called the “Caboodle Ranch.”  Because it’s the whole kitten caboodle!!!  That’s all right, I know where the exit is.  [Videogum]

After the jump is an excellent video that I didn’t post earlier because I try to avoid too much “American Idol” chatter.  But hey man, it’s Friday.  No rules, baby.

The coolest contestant in “Idol” history is officially Normund Gentle, a character created by Nick Mitchell.  Here’s his performance on Wednesday’s show (via Best Week Ever).

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