Real Headline Of The Day: ‘Feminists Call To Castrate Rude [‘Game Of Thrones’] Star’

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09.19.13 20 Comments

richard tube

I don’t know when the “sad Richard Madden sadly rides the sad tube” photo first went viral, but it was many months, if not over a year ago, which in Internet time is like the length of one winter in Westeros. But the picture is making the Tumblr-go-round yet again after it was uploaded to the newly popular “Men Taking Up Too Much Space On The Train,” and ever since, women have been all like, LET’S RED WEDDING THE KING…again.

madden thrones paper

See? If the always accurate Sun says it’s so, it’s so. There’s no way a comment like, “Castrate him. Maybe it would free up some of the space his c*ck is desperately trying to take up” could be said in jest. In related news:


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