Reminder: The Scene From 'Mad Men' Featuring Don And Ginsberg In The Elevator Is Still Great

11.01.12 11 Comments

There’s not a lot of hot breaking television news this morning, which is actually kind of nice because it gives me an opportunity to remind you all how amazing this scene from the past season of Mad Men is. The episode it was from aired months ago, and I still, without fail, think about it at least once a week, usually emitting an audible “Ooooooo” when I remember Don’s line as he’s walking out of the elevator. “I feel bad for you.” “I don’t think about you at all.” God DAMN that cuts deep. Just once — just one single time — I want to have that good a comeback at the ready, and drop it on some poor sap’s head like an anvil. I don’t think I would particularly like to know someone like Don Draper in real life (I am a total diva and he would basically be furious at me all the time), but I get almost unending amounts of pleasure out of watching him verbally kneecap poor Michael Ginsberg. First-round TKO, Draper retains the title. Ain’t gonna be no rematch.

I’ve posted the scene below. Even if you’ve never seen an episode of the show, I think you can appreciate it.

NOTE: What do you think Ginsberg did after the elevator doors closed? I imagine he started mumbling “I don’t think about YOU at all, DON” like some upset 9-year-old who is trying to think up a good response to a playground teasing that happened hours ago. Either that or cry. Those are pretty much your only two options in this kind of situation.

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