‘Rick And Morty’ Gets Its Own Opera To Explain The Fear Of ‘The Terrible Cobs’

By: 09.15.16

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Why are cobs so terrifying? That simple question from an audience member at Comic-Con required Rick and Morty’s creators to launch into an all-out assault of what exactly they were going for in the last episode of season two of Rick and Morty, The Wedding Squanchers. You see, it all dates back to the gang having to choose which Earth-like planet they could hide out on, and finding one planet where absolutely everything — right down to the molecular level — was “on the cob.”

Did that joke somehow not hit? Well, if it didn’t hit and you weren’t sure why everything being “on the cob” was supposed to be funny, then the crew behind the show has an explanation for you that involves a three-episode story arc coming up in season three, but why present that in a cut-and-dry manner when they could turn the whole damned interview session into an opera, right?


Sure! Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon, Ryan Ridley and Spencer Grammer explained the whole joke, thought process, and what was in store for the gang in Rick and Morty in coming episodes, including a long-winded explanation about cobs, but this video has been given that operatic flair. You know, the kind of humor that has made Rick and Morty a huge cult hit.

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