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As previously reported, today’s the day that the Sci Fi Channel changes its name to Syfy.  And science fiction fans feel like their girlfriend is dumping them because she got a makeover and wants to hang out with cooler kids now.  Ha ha, just kidding — science fiction fans don’t have girlfriends.  But they ARE pissed about the name change, so Syfy digital exec (or “head Syfylist”) Craig Engler has taken to answering questions on Syfy’s Twitter feed.  Via The Live Feed:

Q) Does SyFy’s new branding mean less science fiction/fantasy programming?

A) No, we are not changing our programming mix

Q) How do you pronounce SyFy? When I see it I want to pronounce it so it rhymes with ‘jiffy’

A) Just like “sci-fi”

Q) Help me understand. Name one new project you can do as Syfy that wouldn’t have felt right as Sci Fi.

A) Syfy is about catching up to where our programming mix is, not about changing it.

Q) Your programming mix has poor spelling and grammar? That isn’t catching up Craig, that’s dumbing down.

A) Syfy is a made-up name, not a word, so it’s spelled correctly as is. Like Wii. Or Twitter ;)

Nice point, Craig.  Except “twitter” is an ACTUAL WORD.  And the Wii has always been the Wii — it didn’t start as “We” and then change the spelling when it wanted to get away from the lonely fat lady demographic.  But I digress.  I’m actually fine with the name change; it’s four characters instead of six, which cuts my time typing the channel’s name by 33%.  Why, over the course of a week, that might save me a full two or three seconds of work.  I can pick my nose with that free time!

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