Serene Branson: Auto-Tuned Remix

02.15.11 7 years ago 21 Comments

Well, this was inevitable: the auto-tuned remix of CBS-2 reporter Serene Branson’s inexplicable brush with aphasia (that’s a fancy word meanin’ she ain’t use words good). And for those of you nancy-pants pollyannas who are worried about Branson’s health: relax, she’s fine.

Reports that she had been hospitalized and possibly suffered a stroke quickly surfaced, but CBS2 denied them, saying that Branson was checked on by an EMT team and was taken home by a friend.

On Monday night, anchors for KCAL-9 reiterated that statement. They said Branson had suffered from “health related problems” but that she is feeling better. They also said that Branson “followed up with a visit to the doctor for medical tests” and hopes to be back on the air soon. [HuffPo]

I’ll admit that I chuckled a little at this remix, but the original video doesn’t make me laugh any more. After she stumbles through the first couple sentences, there’s a look of absolute terror on her face when she says “dareson” — a realization that she can’t form words — and it actually makes me feel sympathy. I’m gonna have to go back to the manufacturer to have that bug taken out. I assure you that the next model of Warming Glow blogger will be more reliably heartless.

p.s. Hey CBS, good call on pulling all YouTube videos:

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