Seth Green Tried To Stealthily Eat His Own Booger On ‘Conan’ And The Internet Caught Him

05.02.14 4 years ago 16 Comments

Team Coco

The clip below, from Wednesday night’s Conan, didn’t seem too memorable when it first aired. It’s basically Seth Green running through a series of embarrassing photos from his youth, of which there are plenty. But then the internet did its internet thing.

A Redditor posted the video with the title, “Seth Green picks a booger out of his nose and then eats it during Conan segment. Happens from 0:05 – 0:13.” And sure enough, it checks out.

Watch as Seth smoothly acquires his snotty snack with a well-executed pointer-thumb wipe of the nostril, followed by a hand-to-hand roll-and-swap. After a brief pause, he flies too close to the sun with a unnecessarily ballsy maneuver, attempting a daring incisor scrape for the final transfer. That gratuitous bit of hubris was obviously his undoing.

Team Coco via Reddit

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