Two Stars Of HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Say They Were Harassed By Trump Supporters Yelling ‘CUCKS!’

11.12.16 1 year ago 10 Comments

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Stars of HBO’s Silicon Valley, Kumail Nanjiani, and Thomas Middleditch say they were harassed by two Donald Trump supporters in a Los Angeles restaurant. The two said the altercation was on the verge of getting violent because of their opposition to Trump.

Since the surprising presidential election, there has been a wave of reported altercations between the pro-Trump crowd and the, well, non-Trump crowd. Disagreements are par for the course in a post-election world, but some of these incidents have been on the verge of becoming violent. Nanjiani and Middleditch said they were shocked to be a part of the harassment. Nanjiani recounted how he and his Silicon Valley co-star were at a bar in Los Angeles and were approached by Trump supporters who got into their faces and taunted them by yelling “CUCKS,” a derivative of the word “cuckold” that’s become an insult popular with the alt-right crowd.

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