‘SNL’ Recap: Josh Hutcherson Is A Tiny Baby Man (And A Pretty Good Host)

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Josh Hutcherson: movie star sucks. Take a look at his career: Zathura: A Space Adventure (“It’s like Jumanji in space!”), RV, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, Red Dawn. That’s hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars wasted on movies that are doomed to spend their existence on HBO Latino West, where they’ll never hurt anyone again. Hutcherson also plays the worst character in the Hunger Games franchise, Peeta, a baker’s boy who’s more useless than…actually, there is no one more useless than Peeta. Cecily-as-Katniss carrying Hutcherson on her back is a fairly accurate representation of the kind of fighter he is.

But Josh Hutcherson: the SNL host, well, he’s not half-bad. I’d even go so far as to say his episode was far better than Jennifer Lawrence’s, an opinion that’s practically blasphemy on this website. He was likeable and eager without appearing as overzealous, and while he never blew me away, he didn’t rely on the cards as much as other first-time guests. Also, he is a very tiny baby man with a fine taste in 1980s pop songs.

Cold Open

There’s yet to be a stone cold classic cold open this season, and Piers Morgan covering all things George Zimmerman was no exception. But there was enough here to keep it from being a complete dud: Kate McKinnon as Florida’s mascot/George’s new girlfriend, the tracker that goes from the gun store to the liquor store back to the gun store, and “I guarantee it” AND Limp Bizkit references. Eh, I’ll take it.


Just as the writers unloaded all the Scandal references on Kerry Washington during her monologue, the same thing happened here, with Hutcherson playfully mocking his Hunger Games character, Pitiful Peeta. Outside of McKinnon’s Effie and Kenan’s key party, there’s not much to talk about here (it was cute-ish?), so instead: I saw Catching Fire last night, and every time Jeffrey Wright spoke, I kept waiting for him to say something about all the goddamn white people messing things up “for the Libyans.” That moment never came, though. F-.

Girlfriends Talk Show

It’s a good thing I find Aidy Bryant’s stressed out reactions consistently hilarious, otherwise “Girlfriends Talk Show” would join the ranks of “The Californians” (I got that uncomfortable shiver down my spin, too) on the list of “Things That Should Be Sent Straight to Hell.” This was one of the better variations of the sketch, thanks to the masculine presence of Hutcherson making Bryant all kinds of uncomfortable *down there*. His a capella solo was a thing of beauty, and one of two times he broke out in song during the episode.

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