'SNL' Will Let Viewers Pick Who They Want As Host And Musical Guest

09.15.12 5 years ago 26 Comments

Well, here’s an idea that can only turn out well: SNL will allow fans to recommend who they want as host and musical guest via Facebook and Twitter, and the most popular choices will be passed on to producers, who will then try to book said popular choices. Democracy!

Hey everybody! We’ve been noticing a lot of our followers on Facebook and Twitter have been suggesting performers they think would make great hosts and musical guests for our show. And some of the suggestions have been so amazing that we here in the web world want to keep better track of what you’re saying so that we can pass it along to our producers. So once a month we’ll chose a day and open the floor to your suggestions on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re on Facebook, you can simply leave a comment on our “Suggestion” post and if you’re on Twitter, tweet us your suggestion on the designated day with the hash tag #SNLHost or #SNLMusic. (Via)

The inmates will be running the asylum, or more to the point, 4chan trolls will be trolling the hashtags with suggestions of #Hitler and #ThatOneGuyWhoDidThatRacistThingInThatOneVideo. You see, because they’re trolls (adorable Redditors, meanwhile, will likely suggest Neil deGrasse Tyson or Overly Attached Girlfriend or Stephen Colbert, who would actually be pretty great). We have some suggestions of our own, too.

This corgi:

Spuds McKenzie:

Air Bud:

Dog eating pizza:

Or maybe this corgi:

Basically, what I’m saying is a dog should host. Or if SNL wants to play it safe:

That’ll do, too.


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