Sonic Boom! The Cast of ‘Community’ Re-Imagined as Street Fighter Characters

02.07.12 6 years ago 13 Comments

The meme-fication of “Community” is a funny little trend, and kind of difficult to understand. On a per viewer basis, I seriously doubt that any television show has inspired as much Internet creative dedication as this little show with 4 million viewers on a last place network. Nary a day goes by without something “Community”-related springing forth from the gaping maw of the world wide web. The latest is the fourth crack at animating “Community” characters in the mold of an animated show. After the jump, you can also see the “Community” cast as the characters from Batman, Calvin and Hobbes, and X-Men.

The real question, however, is why isn’t Charlie Nash represented among the Street Fighter characters?

Nash OUT.

(Source: Buzzfeed)

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