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“Sons of Anarchy” creator Kurt Sutter and star Charlie Hunnam (“Jax”) participated in a web chat over at Fancast, and while they were mostly mum about tonight’s 90-minute season finale on FX, Sutter did confirm that there will be a third season (duh).

“Season three will happen. Network is closing some deals. When all the T’s are crossed they will announce,” Sutter said…

As for tonight’s finale, Sutter was a little less forthcoming. “In the finale – sh*t happens,” he deadpanned. “Big sh*t bad sh*t,” Hunnam added. “I think it will be very satisfying for the fans and it will probably piss off a few critics,” Sutter confessed. [Fancast]

I’m going to glimpse into my crystal meth ball and predict the future: tonight’s finale is going to rock my face off. The episode’s title is “Na Triobloidi,” which is Irish for “The Troubles,” a reference to the period of ethno-political conflict in Northern Ireland. Somehow, I think the local drug and gun trades might create some kind of conflict between the motorcycle gang, the IRA, the Asian gang, the black gang, the Mexican gang, the white supremacists, the police, and the ATF. Just a hunch.

(more on “SOA” at the WSJ)

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