Sons of Anarchy: Just the Badass Parts

09.08.10 7 years ago 24 Comments

Yup, that's a black lacquer coffin with a skull and scythe. The Sons kick ass even in death.

Television recaps are one of the biggest wastes of time on the Internet: irrelevant to those who don’t watch a show and redundant for those who do. However, you don’t need to watch a show or know the character for JUST THE BADASS PARTS. Today, “Sons of Anarchy’s” Season 3 premiere, titled “So” (Episode 3.01).

  • Man stops woman from stealing a car, gets STABBED IN THE GROIN for his trouble.
  • Motorcycle/car chase ends with half a dozen angry black men toting shotguns.
  • Drive-by shooting at a funeral.
  • Running over a law enforcement official with a van.
  • Drive-by shooter’s head smashed into the concrete. Again. And again. And several more times for good measure.

All in all, dick-stabbing aside, it was a quiet episode for the Sons — until the final five minutes. That was when I made this face:

My God, it’s good to have this show back.

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