Jesus Asterisk Christ: 'South Park's Dr. Seuss Parody Was A Wonderful Rarity (And The Morning Links)

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11.01.12 12 Comments

South Park continued its season 16 hot streak with last night’s “A Scause for Applause,” which involved not only feeling betrayed by Lance Armstrong and his LIVESTRONG bracelets, and how, among other things, people are willing to pay for a cause (or “scause”) not because they care about it, but because they need to believe in something more than themselves, much to the delight of companies who make said bracelets for profit, but also Jesus, the Sneetches, the Hulk, FREE PUSSY RIOT, a retarded fish, and Craig. The Dr. Seuss bit came out of nowhere, and was one of the best things the show has done in awhile. Sucks there’s only one episode left/hopefully they’ll tackle Disney’s Star Wars theft. Check out some GIFs from “Scause” below.

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