11.06.09 8 years ago 11 Comments

When Reebok came out with the first ad for its EasyTone shoes that supposedly work your glutes and hamstrings more than other shoes, I was both surprised and pleased at the blatant sex appeal they used to sell their product. However, with two new spots (see below), Reebok has made it clear that it’s not just one sexy ad: it’s a sexy ad campaign. And it’s gonna deliver nothing but great-looking asses and oiled-up legs.

Some people have wondered why Reebok is using ads with sexy women to sell a product to women, but there’s a little model for success that you may have heard of called “Victoria’s Secret.” Seriously, it’s almost Christmas time and I’m thinking about buying EasyTones for any and all female acquaintances. “Hey honey, give these a chance. If they work like they’re supposed to, we should go out.”

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