Stephen Colbert Finally Got Around To Acknowledging His Ice Cream’s Cameo In Sunday’s ‘Breaking Bad’

colbert breaking bad

If you watched last Sunday’s Breaking Bad you know that the Stephen Colbert-inspired Americone Dream flavor of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream made a cameo in the show. With that said, I’m a little surprised it took Colbert until Thursday night to gloat about this, but I guess he was too tied up celebrating his big Emmy win, so we’ll give him a pass.

“Winning (Emmy awards) wasn’t even my biggest achievement last Sunday night,” Colbert quipped. “Because in addition to being honored on the Emmys, I was prominently featured on a television show people actually watch.”

After playing a clip of Todd passing Jesse some Americone dream, Colbert said, “That’s right, my ice cream, Americone dream — the only ice cream endorsed by sociopathic white supremacists. It does keep the vanilla separate from the caramel.”


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