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I’m the very first person to not have a sense of humor about making a mockery of the uniforms of American servicemen, but I have to give it up for Stephen Colbert: that camouflage business suit is brilliant.  Colbert — sporting a fresh buzzcut — is in Baghdad to film his show this week, and the New York Times has a pretty good article about it.

It’s the first time in the history of the U.S.O. that a full-length nonnews show has been filmed, edited and broadcast from a combat zone.

The week of shows, taped a day or two before they are broadcast, is called “Operation Iraqi Stephen: Going Commando,” and it has a pretty fancy guest list (in addition to General [Ray] Odierno, and the president, whose appearance was taped ahead) that includes Iraq’s deputy prime minister…

The set of the show here [includes] a desk made of sandbags painted as an American flag and a backdrop depicting soaring jets, rolling tanks and the ubiquitous porta-potties.

Oy, it’s 2009 and there STILL aren’t toilets in that godforsaken country.  Do you realize that it will be at least 110 degrees (and humid) in Baghdad every day this week?  Think about how hot that is.  Now think about having to take a dump in a port-a-john in that heat.  And Baghdad ain’t Lollapalooza — you can’t hold it ’til you get home.  Ugh.  Iraq: Worst.  Country.  Ever.

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