Stick to Singing, Bieber

09.13.10 6 years ago • 10 Comments

Here’s Justin Bieber “acting” in his guest appearance for the new season of “CSI.” It’s hard to capture in words how terrible he is at acting, but I find that all-caps is helps: HOLY CRAP HE’S TERRIBLE. I’ve seen better performances in high school plays. And then the police were all, “Sir, you’re violating your restraining order.” And I was like, “C’mon, that thing without the pants was, like, ten months ago. I’m just here to support my girlfriend.” My point is, there are other high school-aged kids better suited for acting than this pubescent lesbian.

Also, I like the way lazy TV writing allows cops to spring into action before they get details:

Cop: You’ve got to help me get him in to custody as soon as possible before someone else gets hurt. Where is he?

Bieber: He’s got a house in old Henderson.

Cop: Where?

Bieber: In Landon.

Cop: Landon. Good man. *leaves*

Bieber: “Don’t you want the address?” Cop: “No, our conversation was just exposition.”


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