Superman Is Super Serious In The First ‘Supergirl’ Season 2 Trailer

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Superman’s arrival in National City was inevitable, though not because Supergirl ever needed the big blue boy scout’s presence to survive. Sure, he appeared a few times during the show’s 20-episode first season on CBS, but Kara Danvers’ (Melissa Benoist) younger-turned-older Kryptonian cousin was never the star of the show. Nor will he be, presumably, when Tyler Hoechlin brings him to life in the second season premiere on October 10. Clark Kent’s just stopping by for an episode or two before flying off back to Metropolis to live his own story.

Even so, Supergirl‘s new home, The CW, couldn’t resist revving up the second season’s first wave of promotion with a decidedly Superman-focused theme. Hence the new season’s first trailer, a 30-second batch of never-before-seen footage combined with random, newsy voice-overs announcing the pair’s collaboration in a time of need. In this case, something involving a spacecraft with which all communications have been lost, resulting in one newscaster’s suggestion that “something catastrophic will occur.”

Cue several cuts of a very serious-faced Kal-El staring at whatever lies beyond the camera, a sleepy Kara Zor-El waking up and soaring into action, and the pair weaving through National City’s biggest skyscrapers. To be honest, Hoechlin’s face counters his previous suggestion that Supergirl‘s interpretation of the character won’t be nearly as moody or masculine as Zack Snyder’s. But apples and oranges. Right, guys?

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