Takeaways, Highlights, And GIFs From Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Justified’: “Truth And Consequences”

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Has Boyd always talked like a snake, or is this just something I’m noticing now, in this snake-heavy season of Justified? Walton Goggins hissed a good chunk of his venomous dialogue in last night’s episode, “Truth and Consequences,” so, really, Billy should have known what was going to happen to him (unlike Jimmy). If only “certified spiritualist” Eve had been at the church, to not only warn the reverend that he ought not pick up the dripping-with-poison reptile, but to share a laugh at Raylan’s expense with Boyd. Poor Raylan, that cocky SOB.

His gal left him (well, “left” him, but more on that later) with his hard-earned, ill-gotten money, he allowed a suburban housewife to escape his grasp, and he saw an FBI agent blast his brains out in front of him. On the plus side, he’s got a Marshall stiffey, courtesy of learning Drew Thompson was a witness to Theo Tonin (Quarles’ daddy) killing an FBI agent. But enough about all that distracting plot development; let’s get back to the snakes.

Or, better yet, get to the random asides and then the SNAKE BITES FACE GIFs. Halloween 2013 is gonna be good. Oh, and Raylan’s gonna be on Archer this week, so there’s that as well.

  • Sick Tombstone movie poster in your bedroom, Raylan.
  • There are probably dozens of Tumblrs dedicated to Raylan’s hats and Boyd’s hair and Wynn’s ties and various Crowders’ swastikas, but there should be one about Ava’s dresses, too.
  • In his weekly EW postmortem, Graham Yost, when asked about SNAKE BITES FACE, said, “There is this great Carl Hiaasen book [Double Whammy] where a guy gets bitten by a pit bull. The pit bull just chomps onto his arm, and he shoots the pit bull but he can’t get the head off, so he just saws off the rest of the body and goes around through the rest of the book with this big lump wrapped around his arm, the head wrapped in a towel.”
  • Things are not going to end well for Johnny Crowder. Wynn Duffy could be Justified‘s Better Call Saul Goodman — where everything and everyone around them dies, they keep on living.
  • Art was in fine form again. “Way to go, assholes.”
  • The actress who plays Ellen May, Abby Miller, is really pretty when she doesn’t look like a strung-out addict.
  • Last week, a hillbilly pissed on a cop; this week, Mason threatened to piss on Eve’s ball-gag sock. That’s a weird sentence.
  • One thing Justified has taught me: every motel in Kentucky has been the scene of a crime at some point.
  • Great acting in the scene where the snake bites Billy, from Boyd looking shocked that the reverend went through with it to Werepanther Cassie breaking down in tears at the thought of losing her brother like she did her dad.
  • Pretty sure I’m reading too much into things here, but did anyone else notice Rachel looking at Raylan a little too long, and a bit longingly, during the bar scene? Not saying she has a crush on him, but…is there something there, or am I just writing fan fiction that ought not be written? Speaking of the bar scene: Lindsey, kidnapped or part of Randall’s con?
  • The real victim in “Truth and Consequences”: Rachel, for falling for Raylan’s “tap one shoulder, be on the other side” move.
  • If you haven’t already, do check out Maske’s Guide to All Thing Olyphant.
  • Line of the night: “Mr. Crowder?” “Yeah?”
  • Reference to a seven-foot-tall basketball player of the night: MJ dunking on Manute Bol.

And now, courtesy of Chet Manley and his Gary Cooper walk, your GIFs.

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