#Video Games

‘Until Dawn’ Is The Next Step In Incredibly Realistic Video Game Facial Animations

By | 12 Comments

'Until Dawn' is harnessing the power of the PS4 for some truly expressive faces.

mistletoe drones

One Of TGI Friday’s ‘Mistletoe Drones’ Has Already Sliced Someone’s Face Open

By | 14 Comments

It should come as no surprise to anyone that TGI Friday's 'Mistletoe Drones' have claimed their first casualty.


Mark Zuckerberg Criticizes Those Smug Apple Hipsters Who Pay Too Much For Products

By | 17 Comments

Facebook's CEO criticized Apple for ridiculing free online services in the best way possible: by attacking Apple's customers.


Check Out This Engineer’s Automated Hack That Allows Him To Endlessly Swipe Right On Tinder

By | 7 Comments

If you've ever grown tired of swiping right on Tinder, this engineer may have found the intricate solution for you: robots.

#Video Games

The New 3DS Comes With A Secret Game You Can Unlock Using A Familiar Song

By | 5 Comments

Tapping out the first notes of the Super Mario Bros. them on the New 3DS will get you something interesting.


Apple Allegedly Deleted Your Songs Off Your iPod If They Didn’t Come From iTunes

By | 20 Comments

Apple, according to a new lawsuit, may have deleted songs off your iPod... and never told you about it.

#Star Trek

We’re One Step Closer To Making ‘Star Trek’s Holodeck A Reality

By | 8 Comments

Want your own holodeck? We've just had a major breakthrough in that area.


Robots May Drive Lawyers To Extinction By 2030

By | 15 Comments

"But first, let's kill all the lawyers" is advice robots appear to have taken to heart.

body armor

The Secret To Tougher Body Armor? Single Layers Of Pencil Lead, AKA Graphene.

By | 15 Comments

Pencil lead, aka graphene, turns out to have some wonderful properties, and protecting people getting shot at might be one of them.


This New Software Takes Photoshop To The Next Level

By | 9 Comments

Carnegie Mellon researchers have found a way to alter photographs three-dimensionally. And it's freaky to see.


DNA Is Tougher Than You And There’s Science To Prove It

By | 3 Comments

Scientists are surprised at what they discovered while screwing around.


Here Are The Cyber Monday Deals That Are Actually Worth It

By | 17 Comments

There are a lot of Cyber Monday deals. Most of them are terrible. We found the ones that weren't.

#Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt Is Returning To ‘Justified’, Also Comments On Bill Cosby And Twitter

By | 8 Comments

Patton Oswalt said a lot of funny things during a charity fundraiser this weekend. Here's a summary of what we learned.

pizza hut

Pizza Hut’s New Menu Can Read Your Eyes To Predict What Toppings You’ll Choose When Ordering

By | 4 Comments

Pizza Hut is developing a new way to order pizza that will allow your eyes to tell the story of what kind of pizza you want.


Nintendo Just Patented A Game Boy Emulator For Use On Smart Phones And Airplanes

By | 2 Comments

This new move could possibly allow for official Game Boy titles on mobile devices. Gamers everywhere may also require fresh underwear.


Say Hello to The Netflix-Style Mobile App That Makes Booze Shopping Easy

By | 15 Comments

'Next Glass' is a mobile app that uses a Netflix-style recommendation engine to help users pick new beers and wines to try.

ps vita

Sony May Owe You $50 If You Bought A PS Vita

By | 3 Comments

The FTC objected to the way that Sony marketed the PS Vita back in 2012 and now some owners are getting a nice surprise.


Piece Together Last Night’s Drunken Escapades With The ‘Drunk Mode’ App

By | 2 Comments

New app for iOS and Android lets college students get wasted safely. Also prevents drunk dialing. Somebody call the Nobel committee.

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