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Here’s How Google Plans To Cram Android Into Your Car, Your Watch, Your TV…

By | 4 Comments

Google wants into your life, and it's willing to do anything to get it.

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Why The Supreme Court Just Killed Aereo: An Explainer

By | 19 Comments

The Supreme Court killed Aereo, but the networks shouldn't celebrate yet.


While You’re Worrying About The NSA Invading Your Privacy, Google Is Becoming Skynet From ‘Terminator’

By | 26 Comments

Could Google become a real life version of Skynet? Here are eight products that prove the search giant is already there.


For $10,000, You Can Turn Your Audi Into A Nearly Useless Self-Driving Car

By | 4 Comments

Cruise wants to bring the self-driving car to you. Provided you're rich, own a late-model Audi, and live in the Bay Area.


Here’s What It Took To Bring Facebook Down For Thirty Minutes

By | 12 Comments

This is what it takes to make the biggest web site on the planet go dark.

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YouTube Versus Indie Musicians: A Primer

By | 7 Comments

Is YouTube really going to boot the indie musicians you love? Inside yet another annoying contract dispute.

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Stephen Colbert Gleefully Denounces ‘Yo’, The Revolutionary App That Does Nothing But Send The Word ‘Yo’

By | 2 Comments

Yo does nothing more than send the word "Yo" -- Stephen Colbert does not understand how this will change the world.


Chelsea Handler Is Going To Host Netflix’s First Ever Talk Show

By | 35 Comments

In an unprecedented move, Chelsea Handler is going to be hosting Netflix's first ever topical daily talk show.

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The Amazon Fire Phone: Everything You Need To Know

By | 10 Comments

The Amazon Fire Phone is here! But should you buy it? Let's take it apart and find out.

not sure if serious or satire

Why Uber Drivers Are Protesting The Company’s CEO: An Explainer

By | 20 Comments

Uber drivers are unhappy with their boss for wanting to replace them with robots. Really.


‘The Daily Show’ Gloriously Eviscerated A Bunch Of Google Glass ‘Explorers’ Last Night

By | 14 Comments

'The Daily Show' gloriously mocked a bunch of glassholes within an inch of their lives.


Aaron Paul’s Xbox One Commercial Is Accidentally Turning On People’s Consoles

By | 32 Comments

Aaron Paul is showing off Kinect voice commands in an Xbox One commercial. Surely this will end well.

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Amazon Prime Music Is Solid, But No Spotify

By | 5 Comments

Amazon Prime Music is a new service that tries to compete with Spotify, and doesn't quite make it.

privacy invasion

Facebook Wants To Give You ‘More Control’ By Selling Your Browsing History

By | 34 Comments

Facebook adorably tries to pretend its latest privacy violation is a huge opportunity for you, the consumer.


A Facebook Employee Just Paid $20,000 To Get Killed Off In A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Book

By | 9 Comments

A Facebook employee donated $20,000 to George R.R. Martin's fundraiser and will be killed off in a 'Game of Thrones" book.

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Why You Can’t Buy Warner Bros. Movies On Amazon: An Explainer

By | 15 Comments

You can't buy 'The Lego Movie' on disc from Amazon, and it's ridiculous. Inside an insane corporate feud.


Netflix Caves In To Verizon’s Cease-And-Desist Demands

By | 12 Comments

Verizon told Netflix to stop blaming them for bad connections, and Netflix apparently has obliged.


Ranking The Best And Worst Internet Service Providers Based On Netflix Speed. Where Does Yours Rank?

By | 30 Comments

How does your ISP stack up to the other major ISPs in its ability to deliver a quality Netflix experience?

Artificial Intelligence

The Non-Nerd’s Guide To The Turing Test, And Why It’s Important

By | 13 Comments

A chatbot has passed the Turing Test... but what does that actually mean? Here's an explanation for non-nerds.

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