RIP Grooveshark Co-Founder Josh Greenberg, 1987-2015


There was no evidence of foul play or suicide.

Artificial Intelligence

A Robot Passed A Self-Awareness Test, But It Probably Won’t Take Over World

By | 5 Comments

A robot recently passed a self-awareness test in New York. What does this mean and when should we start panicking?

#Ashley Madison

Cheating Site Ashley Madison Has Allegedly Been Breached

By | 4 Comments

Ashley Madison has been breached, and supposedly every user is facing outing.


What Netflix Raising Prices Might Mean For Customers In The Near Future

By | 47 Comments

With word that Netflix is raising prices in the near future, what can we expect to lose and gain from the service and what works for you?


Drones Prevented Firefighters From Containing California’s North Fire Much Sooner

By | 10 Comments

The presence of five drones over Los Angeles' North Fire forced aerial firefighting units to retreat.


Google Self-Driving Car Got Into An Accident, But It Wasn’t The Car’s Fault

By | 2 Comments

The fender bender shows how much of a problem distracted driving is.

The London

Marshall Amplifiers Have Entered The Phone Market With ‘The London’

By | 5 Comments

Crank it up to 11 and rock out, but don't smash this Marshall because it's a phone.


Someone Built A Homemade Handgun-Toting Quadcopter Drone

By | 8 Comments

Attaching guns to your homemade drone has never been easier (or legal). Just ask the 18 year old teenager who made this video.

Virtual Reality

‘The Last Starfighter’ Could Be A (Virtual) Reality Show Soon

By | 3 Comments

The Last Starfighter put the controls of a spaceship in the hands of a regular kid. Now, the movie's creator wants to do the same to you... with VR.


How To Get The Most Out Of Amazon Prime Day

By | 10 Comments

Prime Day has arrived, and lots of stuff is on sale. But getting the best deals will require a little finesse.


The Large Hadron Collider Team Has Stumbled On A New Form Of Matter

By | 12 Comments

The Large Hadron Collider has found a new form of matter. By accident.


#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow: 10 Things Young Rap Fans Will Never Experience

By | 91 Comments

Looking back at 10 things #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow from Hip-Hop fan's perspective.


If You Ask Siri, Rihanna Sounds Exactly Like A Loud Fart

By | 7 Comments

And you should really ask Siri, because it's great.


Yes, A Hot Tub Hammock Can Be Yours—Why Do You Ask?

By | 2 Comments

Hydro Hammock is half hammock, half hot tub, and all awesome.


Embattled Reddit CEO Ellen Pao Has Resigned

By | 21 Comments

Pao's future plans include getting lots of sleep.

nonexistent trends

Are People Really Watching Movies On Their Phones? (No, They’re Not)

By | 36 Comments

Filmmakers often lament about people "watching movies on their phones." No one watches movies on their phones.

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