Microsoft Officially Brings An End To Internet Explorer

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Internet Explorer is about to ride off into the digital sunset.


Apple Is Reportedly Working On An Online TV Service Slated For The Fall

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Rumor has it, Apple is planning on unveiling a 25 channel web TV service in the fall.

hbo now

Cablevision Will Be The First ISP To Offer HBO Now To Broadband Internet Subscribers

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Cablevision has announced that it will be the first ISP to break from the norm and offer HBO Now to non-cable based broadband subscribers.

selfie sticks

Selfie Sticks Have Been Banned At The Colosseum In Rome Following Vandalism

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Your selfie stick cannot serve as a weapon in a pretend gladiator fight, so put it away.


Scientists Continue To Make Terminators With The First Step Towards A T-1000

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Because we don't already have enough dangerous robots, Chinese scientists have made the first step in creating the T-1000.


This Is What Netflix Looks Like Running On An Original NES Console

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Two Netflix engineers hooked the streaming service up to a classic Nintendo Entertainment System and watched a few frames of House Of Cards.


The CIA Is Trying To Break Into All Your Apple Devices

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According to documents obtained by The Intercept, the CIA could be hacking into Apple user data using surveillance tools hidden in iPhone and iPad apps.


The Single Biggest Takeaway From The Apple Watch Announcement

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The biggest announcement Apple made wasn't about its products, but how it sees itself.


Everything You Need To Know About HBO Now’s Deal With Apple

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HBO Now is coming next month... but only to Apple. Here's what you need to know.


Wait, There’s A New Kind Of Gold For The Apple Watch? We Explain.

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Apple has supposedly created "Apple Gold," but the hype is a bit different from the reality.


MIT Admissions Office Imagines What It’d Be Like To Send Acceptance Letters Via Drone


Drones fly across the United States and the world in this promotional video from the MIT Admissions Office.


Meet The Robots That Will Soon Be Teaching Your Kids How To Write


It's all part of a new "learning-by-teaching" project developed in Switzerland.


These Fine Folks Are Crowdsourcing Funds For The World’s First LSD Brain Imaging Study

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Psychedelic research has been banned in many countries for decades. As a result, these scientists have turned to crowdsourcing to fund their research.

indian food

Scientists Have Discovered What Makes Indian Food So Goddamn Good

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Data scientists at the Indian Institute for Technology analyzed ingredients from thousands of recipes and crunched the numbers. The result? Indian food is still good.


A German City Has Deployed Special Paint That Deflects Drunks’ Pee Back Onto Their Shoes

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Ever heard of hydrophobic paint? Well, the citizens of Hamburg have come up with an interesting use for it.


Facebook Will Let You Pick A Return Date When You Close Your Account Because They’re Sure You’ll Be Back

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Facebook knows that you can't quit them for good and now they're going to let you forecast the date of your failure.


Meet The Guy Who Invented The Keurig K-Cup And Regrets It Very Much

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John Sylvan's mostly concerned about the environment, but he also regrets selling his company shares for small potatoes in 1997.


TailsUp Is A Game That Uses Animal Butts For A Good Cause

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Finally, having a butt on your face is amusing, thanks to the mobile game TailsUp.