Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

John Oliver Sat Down With Edward Snowden In Moscow To Discuss Dick Pics And Government Surveillance

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'Last Week Tonight With John Oliver' traveled to Russia to interview Edward Snowden about dick pics (and other matters, we suppose).


Don’t Expect To Walk Away With A New Apple Watch Unless You Have An Appointment

By | 12 Comments

Apple has confirmed that they will only be selling Apple Watches by appointment. Are the long lines a thing of the past?


Comcast’s Gigabit Pro Will Bump Up Your Internet Speed By A Factor Of 80… But There’s A Catch

By | 6 Comments

Comcast is increasing the speed available to you by a factor of eighty... but not everybody will have access.

green energy

Maryland Is Building An Energy Plant Powered Entirely By Chicken Turds

By | 7 Comments

Maryland has so much chicken manure lying around, it's turning it into electricity.


Scientists Have Invented A Pen To Help Parkinson’s Sufferers Write And Draw

By | 7 Comments

Parkinson's disease can be hard on sufferers, but the ARC Pen restores a little autonomy to their lives.

selfie stick

Tablet Selfie Sticks Are Now On Sale Because Selfie Sticks Aren’t Bad Enough

By | 3 Comments

AccessoryGeeks found a way to make Selfie Sticks more intrusive with a new version for tablets.


The New Google Chromebit Turns Your TV Into A Working Chromebook


Google has unveiled a device you plug into your TV's HDMI port that effectively turns it into a Chromebook. And it's going to cost less than $100.


Google’s Contribution To April Fools’ Day: The Smartbox, The Mailbox Of Tomorrow, Today

By | 5 Comments

It's a mailbox to satisfy your nostalgic needs while keeping you tethered to tech.


An UberX Driver Allegedly Tried To Rob A Woman’s Home After Driving Her To The Airport

By | 5 Comments

A woman learned the hard way about the potential dangers of UberX when a driver tried to rob her home after taking her to the airport.

3D printing

Watch A 3D Printer Try To Build With Easy Cheese

By | 5 Comments

Easy Cheese, it turns out, is a poor 3D printing medium. But a funny one!


Elon Musk Teases New Non-Car Product Line From Tesla

By | 7 Comments

Tesla may soon be known for more than just cars.

selfie sticks

Selfie Sticks Are Now Banned At Coachella And Lollapalooza

By | 15 Comments

Despite the hype, popular festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza are banning selfie sticks.


Biohackers Just Used Eyedrops To Give This Guy The Power Of Night Vision

By | 15 Comments

Forget clunky goggles, a chlorophyll substance called Chlorin e6 is all you need to be able to see in the dark.

Super Mario 64

Meet The Gaming Fan Who Recreated ‘Super Mario 64′ In High Definition

By | 2 Comments

It's all a part of the computer science student's Unity-based program for indie and multi-platform video game developers.

Virtual Reality

The First Music Video To Use Google’s New Virtual Reality Mode Has Been Released

By | 3 Comments

Youtube recently added support for 360-degree video and now the first music video to take advantage of the new functionality is out.


In Not So Shocking News, Nintendo Has Delayed The New ‘Legend Of Zelda’ For The Wii U

By | 4 Comments

Nintendo has decided to delay the new 'Legend of Zelda' for the Wii U, but that shouldn't surprise anybody.


Meet The Lucky Tortoise Who Got A Brand New 3D-Printed Shell From University Students


Thanks to 3D printing, Cleopatra the tortoise is now the most stylish reptile on the block.


Watch Two College Students Put Out A Fire Using Only Sound

By | 10 Comments

Seth Robertson and Viet Tran of George Mason University can put out a fire with just some bass.


This Web Developer Gets Paid To Get Drunk And Test Client’s Websites

By | 2 Comments

A web developer has figured out a way to live the dream, getting drunk and getting paid at the same time.

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