Snoop Dogg Owns Reddit Now, Literally

By | 8 Comments

The rapper just made a huge investment in the social news site.


Your Selfie Could Soon Double As A Cancer Test

By | 5 Comments

Thanks to polarized light, and the mantis shrimp, soon your smartphone could be administering cancer tests.

hookup apps

Here’s What The New Good2Go Sexual Consent App Looks Like

By | 9 Comments

Good2Go is an app that will protect everyone. In theory. The reality is... a bit different.


Yahoo! Is Scuttling The Only Thing We Knew Them From

By | 6 Comments

20 years later, Yahoo's list of links is no longer relevant in this wiki world.

Apple iPhone

Police Official Claims ‘Apple Will Become The Phone Of Choice For The Pedophile’

By | 17 Comments

Apple's latest operating system is so secure, even a warrant won't help police "crack" the iPhone.


SHOTS FIRED: Samsung Just Tweeted A Brutal Jab At Apple’s Bendy iPhone 6 Plus

By | 83 Comments

Samsung took a brutal Twitter jab at Apple's iPhone 6 Plus, which has a tendency to bend easily.

iphone 6 plus

Warning: Wearing Skinny Jeans WIll Destroy Your iPhone 6 Plus

By | 37 Comments

This might be Apple's passive-agressive way of telling you your pants are too tight.


4Chan Managed To Troll iPhone Users Once Again With The Introduction Of ‘Wave’

By | 10 Comments

Last time they told users than an app could make their phone waterproof. This time it's all about charging phones in the microwave.


What If Apple Took Their U2 Removal Tool One Step Further And Removed The Band From Your Memory?

By | 10 Comments

Imagine if Apple didn't just allow you to remove U2 from your library, but from your entire existence.

streaming video

Can Sony Replace Your Cable With A PlayStation?

By | 3 Comments

Sony is about to get into the cable business, in a big way. But will it work?


Watch Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard’s Charming, Captivating, Incredibly Sweet Samsung Commercial

By | 16 Comments

The world's cutest celebrity couple show us what it's like to hang out at home.


America Is Back In The Spaceflight Game: NASA To Reopen Cape Canaveral

By | 6 Comments

We're going to back into space, NASA has just announced.


Now Groot Will Answer Your Texts (Plus A Mashup Of Other Trees Vin Diesel Voiced)

By | 3 Comments

Groot now has a text message service, and we have a mashup of the other famous trees you didn't know were voiced by Vin Diesel.


Here’s How You Can Finally Delete Your Viewing History On Netflix

By | 10 Comments

Thanks to Netflix, customers can now fearlessly watch some of the worst movies and TV shows without judgement from their loved ones.


Japan Built An Animatronic Rocket Raccoon Because Of Course


Rocket Raccoon would really not have worked in the '80s, as this brief clip from Japan proves.


Tyler The Creator Likens Apple’s U2 Download To ‘Waking Up With Herpes’

By | 27 Comments

No one seems to like the fact that Apple automatically downloaded the new U2 album directly onto their phones and playlists.


Apple Spent A Ridiculous Amount Of Money On The New U2 Album

By | 28 Comments

Bono just made enough money to buy THOUSANDS of goofy sunglasses.


Acer’s ‘Selfie Sombrero’ Is Perfect For The Narcissist With Way Too Much Money


Acer has reportedly teamed with fashion designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis for this ridiculous hat that holds a tablet for selfies.

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