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An Actress From ‘The Innocence Of Muslims’ Is Suing Google For A Cool $124 Million

By | 7 Comments

Yes, the fallout from moronic Internet video 'The Innocence of Muslims' is still unfolding... and Google stands to lose millions as a result.

oculus rift

Why Facebook Bought The Oculus Rift: An Explainer

By | 13 Comments

Facebook has bought into the wearable tech fad in a big way by buying the company behind the Oculus Rift.

dating apps

Dattch Is A Dating App For Lesbians That's Long Overdue

By | 2 Comments

Amazingly, lesbians are no longer invisible to the dating app industry, with Dattch.


Why You Got A Refund From Amazon Today: An Explainer

By | 7 Comments

Amazon is involved in a settlement over something that is, for once, not its fault.

government inefficiency

The Washington Post Finds That The U.S. Government Is Still Remarkably Inefficient

By | 14 Comments

Government inefficiency is a given, but you won't believe just how inefficient this cave full of paperwork actually is.


Apple And Comcast Might Be Teaming Up For Streaming Video

By | 2 Comments

Comcast and Apple may be teaming up for a new cable box. Well, provided they can agree on anything.


Apple May Be Poised To Compete With Spotify By Adding Subscriptions To iTunes

By | 3 Comments

If Apple offered an iTunes streaming service that was cheaper than Spotify, would you take a chance to use it?


Why Turkey's Politicians Are Trying To Ban Twitter: An Explainer

By | 8 Comments

Twitter is now banned in Turkey. Here's why, and why it won't work.


Mt. Gox, Which Desperately Needs Money, Magically Found Millions Under The Sofa Cushions Or Something


Mt. Gox has supposedly found 200,000 Bitcoins that were just lying around. Wow! How lucky and not utterly suspicious!


Is Facebook On The Verge Of Accidentally Committing Suicide?

By | 11 Comments

Facebook thinks it's far more indispensable than it actually is. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

wearable tech

Android Wear Is Google's Latest Attempt To Dress You Like A Dork

By | 2 Comments

Android Wear finally gives you the ability to yell at things on your wrist. Because that's what sane people do!

cell phones

Why Didn't Flight 370's Passengers Make Any Phone Calls?

By | 20 Comments

Flight 370 seems to have experienced a communications blackout that was total and complete, even for the passengers.


Apple’s Wants To Track Your Very Breath With Its Healthbook App

By | 2 Comments

Apple's upcoming health app, Healthbook, wants to track everything about your health. And we mean everything. Apple wants blood.


Why New Jersey’s Ban Of Tesla Motors Is Bad For Everyone

By | 23 Comments

Tesla Motors was just banned in New Jersey. And that's just the start of a nasty trend.

amazon prime

Amazon Is Raising The Price For Prime. How Much Will It Take For You To Break Even With The Price Hike?

By | 8 Comments

Amazon Prime is going up by twenty bucks. But you're likely still saving money.

personal media players

Neil Young Finally Gets To Make Pono, His High-End MP3 Player, Thanks To Kickstarter Funding

By | 18 Comments

The Pono is a $400 personal media player that plays back files at a fidelity your sound equipment likely can't reproduce. Sounds essential!


Amazon's Rumored Music Streaming Service Sounds Amusingly Terrible

By | 3 Comments

Amazon wants to get into the streaming music game... with the worst conceivable service.


Bot Or Not Proves That Computers And Humans Both Suck At Poetry


Bot Or Not is a site that asks you to distinguish between bad human poety and bad robot poetry. It's a lot harder than it sounds.


Meet The 'Diamond Armor', A $3.2 Million Bulletproof Suit

By | 5 Comments

The Diamond Armor is a bulletproof suit studded with diamonds. Liberace/James Bond cosplayers are overjoyed.

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