Conan Devoted His Entire Show To ‘Breaking Bad’ But The Best Part Was A ‘Low Winter Sun’ Joke

cranton conan

Which isn’t to say the Breaking Bad material wasn’t great. It was. Vince Gilligan and the cast, including Skinny Pete on keyboard (!), were so tired from partying after the Emmys and so sick of answering questions about the finale, but they were still game for everything, including reading fan letters involving Bryan Cranston watching Aaron Paul have sex with a female stranger, revealing what Cranston had in his pants to accentuate his package to Anna Gunn during the pilot, and throwing bags of blue meth into the crowd. Oh yeah, and Jonathan Banks blew past Conan.

But like Breaking Bad itself, Conan saved the best for last: after a spirited performance of “The Ballad of Heinsenberg” by Los Cuates de Sinaloa, the One Who Floppy Hairs said, “Our apologies to the cast of Low Winter Sun. We ran out of time. Good night.” #TalkingBad #MoreLikeYouGotLowWinterBurnedSon

// Bad is timeless. Low Winter Sun jokes are eternal. Full clips of the show are below.

Here’s the opening sketch that we posted last night, in case you missed it…

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Here’s Bryan Cranston reading an awesome fan letter…

Here’s EMMY AWARD WINNING ACTRESS Anna Gunn being delightful…

Here’s Los Cuates de Sinaloa performing “Negro y Azul,” aka “The Ballad of Heisenberg”…

And finally, YOU get some blue meth, and YOU get some blue meth, and YOU get some blue meth…

Delightful GIFs from the episode can be found on the next page…

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