Ben Carson Gets His Own Farewell Tribute Thanks To ‘The Daily Show’ And ‘I’ll Be Missing You’

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The Daily Show spent most of its early segment paying tribute to Donald Trump and the GOP mission to block him from getting their nomination for president. Some might say they waited too long, but The Daily Show noted that he’s more like the Road Runner outsmarting Wile E. Coyote.

You’ll likely get a peek at that later because their second segment featured a true, Trump-free gem. With the exit of Ben Carson from the race for the White House, folks had to say goodbye in the way they were comfortable with. For Trevor Noah, that involved making fun of Carson for his pretty silly stances during his campaign. But for others, like Roy Wood Jr. and Jessica Williams, they lost another black hero. Cosby and O.J. are deep in controversy and now Ben Carson has replaced his inspirational story with thoughts about the pyramids being grain stores.

So to give Carson the proper, heroic sendoff, Wood Jr. and Williams busted out Puff Daddy’s epic tribute to Biggie Smalls’ “I’ll Be Missing You.” Only with different lyrics. You almost want to shed a tear for Carson at one point, likely before you remember that he wanted to shoot people with drones on the border.

(Via The Daily Show)

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