The Dog From ‘Dog With A Blog’ Has Already Been Fired

10.15.12 26 Comments

Two incredible things happened this weekend: One, a man jumped out of a spaceship that was over 100,000 feet above the Earth’s surface, broke the sound barrier during his 10 minute descent, and landed safely on the ground as though he just hopped off of a step-ladder. And two, a television show called Dog With a Blog debuted on the Disney Channel. While the world seems to be making a bigger deal out of the former for some reason, Josh heroically covered the latter in sparkling detail on Saturday. I’m just glad someone gave it the attention it deserved. Looking at you, Blitzer.

Unfortunately, we have some sad news to report. It turns out that the star of Dog With a Blog, Kuma (pictured above, hard at work), has already been fired. From the show’s Wikipedia:

Kuma played the title role of Stan the Dog for five episodes (including the pilot) after being picked from a pool of thousands of talented canines.[citation needed] The agency who hired him, Good Dog Animals, suddenly fired Kuma’s owner over a small contractual dispute, after helping the GDA agency get awarded the show.[citation needed] The dog agency fired Kuma and replaced him with a look-alike named Mick, a much younger dog with no previous set experience and very little training.[citation needed]

Based on the obvious bias and all the “citation neededs” in that paragraph, I have chosen to believe that Kuma wrote it himself, possibly at 2 a.m., after drinking an entire bottle of wine. You will never convince me otherwise.

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