A Brief And Not-So-Clear History Of Larry David’s Relationship With Hair

By 08.09.13


Larry David’s star-studded HBO movie, Clear History, premieres tomorrow night and the details are still rather vague. All we really know is that Larry’s hair looks super weird for at least a portion of the film (see: above) and that his only late night appearance to promote it was spent doing casual standup.

So as we anxiously await the next installment of Larry David’s relationship with HBO (now with more Jon Hamm!), let’s take a look back at some of hairstyle choices he’s made over the years that stray from the bald and fabulous look we’re all so familiar with so we can really Clear History Larry David in perspective. In chronological order from…

When He Took His College Portrait


To His Early Stand Up Early Days


To When He Took This Gorgeous Headshot


To When He Spent Time Hanging Out With Richard Lewis And Playboy Bunnies


Via Rolling Stone

To His Stint As A Featured Player On The SNL Knockoff, Fridays


To When He Hung Out With Seinfeld Pre-Seinfeld


To The Time He Played A Mob Boss For Scorsese


To When He Played A Nun In The Three Stooges Movie For Some Reason


And Finally, Of Course, The Time He Swallowed A Pubic Hair

Which is also happens to be the Scorsese episode, because hair always come full circle, you see.

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