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Megan Hauserman is a former Playboy Cybergirl who won the the third season of “Beauty and the Geek” before gorging on the teat of VH1 — she competed in “Rock of Love: Season 2,” “I Love Money,” and “Rock of Love Charm School.”

In other words, she’s just the kind of scholar and patriot that upstanding young Americans should be getting tattooed on their upper arms.

[This] is, from what we understand, a very real expression of one man’s love for VH1’s own Megan Hauserman. At last, fan behavior that out-does the ridiculousness of reality TV! This is where we’re progressing as a viewership, people. The owner of this fine inkwork is one Eddie who lives in Estero, Florida (per his MySpace). Megan tells us that he owns two Lily-esque Chihuahuas named, of course, Lily and Megan. Frankly, she seems thrilled to have a dog named after her. Go figure.

I appreciate Eddie’s honesty.  He knows who he is, what his expectations in life are.  Big-name talented celebrities are out of his stalking league.  Even Playboy centerfolds are a little too good for him.  But that one girl who got naked on the Web and was on all those reality shows?  That’s a woman he can really get a restraining order from.

[via Best Week Ever]

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