‘The Secret Circle’ Has New TV Posters

07.28.11 6 years ago 8 Comments

Riding high on the success of Vampire Diaries, the WB CW has the hype machine running full speed for its latest teen super-powers-as-a-metaphor-for-diversity-parable, The Secret Circle, which debuts on September 15. The show is based on the book series from author L.J. Smith, who also did pretty well as my fantasy football tight end a few seasons ago.
So what, pray tell, is the story behind this teen romance fantasy series that makes it any different from all the others?

Circle (which is executive-produced by Vampire Diaries boss Kevin Williamson) centers on Cassie (played by Robertson), a teen who is forced by tragedy to leave behind her life in California for the mysterious Chance Harbor, Wash. There, she discovers that both she and her new group of friends — among them, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles‘ Thomas Dekker, Days of Our Lives alum Shelley Hennig and Australian starlet Phoebe Tonkin — are in fact witches. (Via TV Line)

Ah yes, this one is about witches… who attend high school in the Pacific Northwest. Huge difference.
The network released a teaser at Comic Con to get the geek hormones fired up, and I’m not gonna lie – this cast has some serious potential. Britt Robertson plays the lead witch – the reluctant sorceress, if you will – and I have no clue who she is. But the always wonderful Natasha Henstridge is playing the principal, and former Miss Teen USA Shelley Hennig is a witch, too. Also, Phoebe Tonkin is fresh off the boat from Australia and she seems nice. In all, this may deserve at least a viewing on mute.
After the jump, check out the new promo character posters, as well as the Comic Con teaser.

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