The Summer Roberts Guide To 2013 Summer TV

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It’s now late-May, or as it’s known in TV world, the f*ck do we do now? With the exception of Sunday nights, and its heavenly spread of Game of Thrones, Mad Men, and Veep, TV is barren with quality entertainment. We don’t even have How I Met Your Mother and The Office to lovingly kick around anymore. Fortunately, it gets better.

In a few weeks, though, both old favorites (or “favorites”) and new could-be distractions will begin filling up your DVR. It can be tough keeping track of what’s returning and debuting when, so we asked our ol’ friend Summer Roberts from The O.C. to help us out with describing roughly 20 of summer’s most anticipated TV dates.

The Killing (AMC)
Premieres: June 2nd

“Ew…but I like it.” That’s a fair assessment of The Killing season three, at least based on its promising(ish) trailer. We’ve all had our deserved fun mocking the AMC series, and its slow as a dead snail stuck in a mud puddle pacing, but gone is the tiresome Rosie Larsen mystery. It’s been replaced with a season-long arc about Linden and Holder investigating a case that involves a death row inmate played by Peter Sarsgaard. He was in Garden State with Zach Braff, who starred in The Last Kiss where he made out with…Rachel Bilson. What I’m saying is: the Shins will change your life.

The Venture Bros. (Adult Swim)
Premieres: June 2nd

Thank GOD. It’s been nearly three years since season four of The Venture Bros., which is nearly three years without Brock and Sergeant Hatred too many. The animated series finally returns in June, though, and picks up right where season four left off. High profile guest stars include Gillian Jacobs, Aziz Ansari, John Hodgman, and Bill Hader.

In the Flesh (BBC America)
Premieres: June 6th

I just wanted to use this GIF. Anyway, In the Flesh is a BBC America three-part miniseries about rehabilitated zombies returning to their homes after “The Rising.” Unless that’s a reference to the Springsteen album, I approve.

The Daily Show (Comedy Central)
Premieres: June 10th

JON STEWART, sometime in late September: “Over the last 12 weeks, John Oliver — and yes, I’ve counted — I’ve watched you grow into this incredible Daily Show host, while you were filling in for me. And that is why I love you…but get the hell out of my swivel chair and back in front of the correspondent green screen.”

Magic City (Starz)
Premieres: June 14th

I totally forgot about this show. That can’t be good.

True Blood (HBO)
Premieres: June 16th

When last we left Bon Temps, this one vampire was having hot, sweaty sex with a human, while a werewolf got it on with a fairy who was sleeping with a warlock on the side. Or something. I’ve seen every episode of True Blood, but still have no idea what’s going on (I vaguely recall Bill becoming a super vampire after drinking Lilith’s blood, and that there wasn’t nearly enough Jessica) — which is kind of the point. It’s the perfect summer show: you don’t have to think hard, or at all; instead, just sit back and enjoy the Anna Paquin and Alexander Skarsgård nudity.

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