The Walking Dead could arrive early

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02.03.11 9 Comments

Season two of “The Walking Dead” was supposed to arrive in October, but it looks like AMC is [insert zombie play on words here] and breaking out volume two three months earlier than expected. “Breaking Bad’s” Bryan Cranston broke the news to New York Magazine.

“It was a decision from AMC that they wanted to position us in July… They want to attract as many eyeballs as possible, away from the heavy competition of the September, November [or] January start.”

The Hollywood Reporter was the one that broke the news that “The Walking Dead” season two would be coming in October shortly after the final episode of season one ended. And, granted, there are two truths: One, that The Walking Dead is certainly more of an October thing than a July thing, and two, Bryan Cranston doesn’t really have anything to do with the production of the show and, as an actor, doesn’t decide the programming choices.

So take the news with a grain of salt. Production isn’t in full swing yet on the second season, scripts are not written, cameras have not rolled, but hey, Cranston is awesome and works there, so who knows?

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