This Gentleman’s Hatred Of Iceland Will Not Be Repressed

04.15.10 7 years ago 15 Comments

At the eight-second mark here, please observe a chicken wing establishment enthusiast at the exact moment he mentally processes the notion that millions of people are staring at him.

A volcano has erupted in Iceland, creating a flight hazard and stranding thousands of quaint people. SKY News sent a team to collect live interviews at Edinburgh Airport. In this video, dude with the microphone receives confirmation that, yes, the people in the airport are…in the airport. That’s when this enterprising young chicken wing establishment enthusiast videobombs the broadcast.

He hates Iceland, he declares. Then he repeats himself with a sort of half-whisper. Perhaps he realizes that he only sort of hates Iceland, or perhaps it’s dawned on him that he isn’t ready for the big leagues of news broadcast interruptions. Was it everything you thought it would be, chicken wing establishment enthusiast?


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