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In case you don’t watch “Entourage” (good for you), Season 6 has begun with everyone saying that Vincent Chase’s fictional performance in a fictional Scorcese film called Gatsby is his best fictional performance ever.  (Because Scorcese does that a lot.  He remakes all the Robert Redford films he can get his hands on.)

And that, apparently, led to this.  An actual person is inspired to read The Great Gatsby because the main character in “Entourage” was in a fictional film adaptation of it.  I want to see the positive in this; really, I do.  Gatsby is — more than any other book, I’d argue — the Great American Novel.  It’s a triumph of letters — modest, compact, unhurried despite its brevity, a very big story in very few words.  So it’s good that one more person in the world will read it.

And yet… I’m sorry, but I can’t get over the reasoning behind it.  Even proponents of “Entourage” will admit that the show is simplistic mind candy, not a source for your summer reading list.  Somebody saying that “Entourage” inspired them to read The Great Gatsby is like someone saying they’re reading The Diary of Anne Frank “for all the Jew-killin’.”

(thanks to Mike for the tip)

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