This Looks Like a Good Airline

06.25.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

It’s a slow summer Friday, which means that it’s the best possible time to show a commercial for a Russian airline. This particular commercial, sent in by commenter Upstate Underdog and embedded below, is for Avianova and features four sexy stewardesses washing an Avianova plane. Sorry: four sexy flight attendants. Because I’m sure they actually work as flight attendants, and that Avianova flight attendants actually strip down to bikinis to wash the planes after every flight.

Let’s learn more about Avianova through the wonders of Wikipedia:

Avianova, LLC is a low cost airline based in Moscow, Russia… Andrew Pyne, CEO, voiced the strategy of the new company as “flying those Russians who haven’t even seen the inside of an airplane in the past twenty years”. The company advertises 250 rubles (less than 10 US dollars) domestic flight tickets, to all destinations.

Less than 10 dollars for a domestic flight, AND the flight attendants strip down to bikinis and get soaped up? One ticket from Moscow to Vladivostok, please. I, uh, just really respect an airline that’s dedicated to fuselage cleanliness.

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