This Poor Girl.

12.28.10 44 Comments

I’ve been watching a lot of TV over the holidays. Like, during the day. Live. With commercials and everything. It’s been kinda like going to Colonial Williamsburg — reminiscent of a quaint, simpler time. Anyway, I must have seen the above commercial for Education Connection a dozen times. It’s twelve kinds of terrible. The song/rap, the dancing, the graphics, the implication that this girl works as a waitress at a restaurant that only serves only ketchup and mustard… all bush league. And yet I find myself transfixed by it every time it’s on.

Mostly I feel horrified for the poor girl starring in the ad.  When I see her do one of those stiff, awkward dance moves, I get embarrassed as though it was me.  I just imagine the director selling her on it the same way a porn director coaxes a girl into performing vile, disgusting acts on camera, “Don’t worry, baby.  No one’s gonna see it.  Didn’t you say you needed the money?  What?  It’s embarrassing?  Relax, we’ll fix it all in editing.”  I can only imagine her terror when the opening beats of the song come on when she’s with her family and friends.

In closing, two thoughts: 1) These commercials are on ALL THE TIME.  What the hell kind of budget does Education Connection have?  I feel like their commercials and Geico’s make up 75% of every commercial break.  2) More of the “College in your PJs” girl, please.

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