Tina Fey Acknowledges Her ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’ At The Emmys In These ‘SNL’ Promos

Senior Pop Culture Editor
09.25.13 12 Comments

tina fey snl promo

We’ve pretty thoroughly covered all things Emmys this month, from Justified and Parks and Recreation‘s lack of nominations to Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul making for the cutest life partners the red carpet has ever seen, with one major exception: the time that Tina Fey’s nipple peeked out of her dress. WE DO NOT SEXUALLY OBJECTIFY TINA FEY SHE IS A COMEDY GODDESS AND SHOULD BE BOWED DOWN TO, went our behind-the-scenes editorial discussion, or at least mine before I spent the next three hours staring at Kate Upton GIFs.

Much to Fey’s credit, though, she acknowledges the Twitter trending incident in one of her many SNL promos for Saturday’s season 39 premiere with Arcade Fire. Good thing she doesn’t listen to her own advice.

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